Adrian Maben

lives and works

in Paris



1960 – 1964       Reads biochemistry at Christ Church, Oxford University

1965                         Master of Arts (MA) Oxford Univesity

I966 – 1967       Studies film technique in Rome at the Centro Sperimentale        di Cinematografia

I968 – 1969       Cinema critic for Sight and Sound, Films and Filming

1969 – 1971       Film director ORTF (Office de la Radiodiffusion et de                          la Television Française). Works for the following programs : Pour le Plaisir, Choses Vues, Variances 

Director of two rock films for RTB : East of Eden, Family

1971 – 1973     Director of the the musical film « Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii »(35mm). Two versions : 60 and 75 minutes

1974 – 2003     Director of approximately twenty art films including: The Surrealist Movement, Dada, Yaacov Agam, Nam June Paik, Jean Tinguely, Les Nouveaux Realistes, René Magritte, Paul Delvaux, Marcel Marceau, Robert Malaval, Ben Vautier, Jheronimus Bosch, Georges de la Tour, Video Art in the USA

I978 – 1979       Director of the musical film James Brown, Keep on Drivin’shot in 35mm in Georgia, Mexico City, Mexicali, Dakar. Also two films on Willie Dixon and The New Generation of Chicago Blues. 16mm shot in Berlin and the USA

1980 – 2003     Works for French Television as a director of live news, sports programs and the Olympic Games.

1984 – 1986     Director of The Chinese Chronicle, Peking Opera, Chinese contemporary art, rock and FashionDirector of 2 films shot in Cambodia: Angkor for Sale, Dancing for the Gods

1987  Director of a 90’ film shot in 16mm and 35mm with Helmut Newton in Berlin, Paris, Monte Carlo and Los Angeles : Frames from the Edge.                         With the participation of Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling, Sigourney Weaver and Karl Lagerfeld

1999 – 2001     Meets with the American journalist Nate Thayer in                       Bangkok . Adrian Maben directs 3 films for Arte on the  rise and fall of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia : An exclusive interview with Pol Pot a few months before his death : Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.

2001 – 2003     Director of two films shot in South-East Asia                          concerning the life of the fabled white elephant under the King’s protection in Bangkok and the struggle for survival of the other elephants in Thailand today :  The Fall of the Divine Elephant

1999 Works with Universal Pictures on the completion of a third version of Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii, The Director’s Cut lasting 95’ and released world  wide on DVD in August 2003.

1997 – 2006     Adrian Maben follows and films Roger Waters (ex-Pink Floyd) during the nine years it took to create his contemporary Opera CA IRA based on the early years of the French Revolution. The original libretto was written by Etienne Roda Gil with paintings by his wife, Nadine. The film was distributed with the Roger Waters CD under the English title, There Is Hope.

2003 –2006       Director for Arte of a series of four films : MAO, a Chinese Based on the book written by Philip Short: MAO, A LIFE. World wide release on television and DVD, October 2006. Against The Tide + The Sorcers’s Aprentice + Révolution is NOT a Dinner Party + Mao is not Dead 

 2008 – 2012       PBS, ABC Australia, RM Productions Director of Comrade Duch, Welcome to Hell. A portrait of the Commandant of the infamous prison of Tuol Sleng. The film coincided with the International Tribunal that brought to trial the leaders of the Khmer Rouge regime. It traced the rediscovery of Duch by the photographer Nick Dunlop and filmed the Vietnamese cameraman, Ho Van Tay who first discovered and exposed to the world the systematic torture, confessions and murder of at least 14,000 prisoners. The film asks the essential question, “How and why did this man inflict so much pain and suffering on his fellow human beings?”


The Akasha Quest, Lewis Carroll, Wonderland Revisited,

The Oil Curse, The Synchronicity of Robert Lowe,

The Bosch Enigma



1975  Asolo Art Film Festival, Italy. Winner of the Festival’s Special Prize: Yaacov Agam and Chicago Art Film Festival Certificat of Merit for Yaacov Agam

1976 III rd. Paris International Art Film Festival. Director’s Grand Prix for Jean Tinguely

1977 Biarritz International Film Festival for Industry. First prize for The Machine in Art

1980 Adolfe-Grimme-Preis for Monsieur René Magritte. Nordrhein-Westfalen, West Germany

1984  XI th. Paris International Art Film Festival. Grand Prix for Paul Delvaux, The Sleepwalker

1988 XII th. Paris International Art Film Festival. Director’s Grand Prix for Helmut Newton, Frames from the Edge

1989 XIII th. Paris International Art Film Festival. Best Educational Documentary : Les Nouveaux Realistes

1990  XIV th. Paris International Art Film Festival. Best Historical Documentary for A Window to Heaven

1992 VIIth International Festival of Journalism in Angers. Best Sports Film : The Fall of the House of the URSS

1993 XI th. Montreal International Art Film Festival (FIFA). Tribute to Adrian Maben (selection of his best art films)

1996 X1th. International Festival of Journalism in Angers. Special Mention for Painting after Tien An Men           

XX th. Paris International Art Film Festival. Best Foreign Film Prize : The Chinese Chronicles

1997  XXI st. Paris International Art Film Festival. Best Artistic Reportage : Angkor For Sale

1998 XXII nd. Paris International Art Film Festival. First Prize Dance Section: Dancing for the Gods

2000 XVIII th Montreal International Art Film Festival (FIFA). Best Historical Art Film for : Genius Lost and Found, Georges de la Tour

2002 XXVI th. Paris International Art Film Festival Best Historical Art Film for: The Fall of the Divine Elephant

2006 Prize for his career at the Art Film Festival in Asolo, Italy

2012 Honorary prize for his career at the Festival International

du « Film et du Livre d’Art » at Perpignan to celebtate his 70th. birthday. A selection of fifteen of Adrian’s best films was projected during this festival.

2013  Adrian Maben was invited to the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma of Montréal. Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii was projected on an open air screen. Pink Floyd, Chit Chat with Oysters was seen for the first time.

2014 The same films were projected on a large open air screen for the Film Festival “Sotto le Stelli” in the Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italia.

Paris 2017

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