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There’s an exhibition in the back of the amphitheatre that shows photographs and presents a history of Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii and it’s billed as « Rock’s Wackiest Idea. » Do you remember your initial reaction to the idea of making the film?

Le point de vue des Floyd sur le film

David Gilmour

“I don’t think any of us thought it would be as well received and last in people ‘s minds for as long as it did. All credit to him. It’s his idea and it was great.”

Roger Waters

“It’s just us playing a load of tunes in the amphitheatre with some ratherTop of The Popsish shots of us walking around the Vesuvius crater and things like that. I think Pink Floyd freaks will enjoy it. I liked it because it’s just a big home movie.”

The movie Pink Floyd Live At Pompeii got a rare thumbs-up from Roger Waters when it was premiered in September 1972. The setting, the atmosphere and the performance were echoed by the long, sweeping tracking shots that accompanied the music and some gripping visual images – notably of Waters thrashing a gong, set against a vivid setting sun.

Nick Mason

“It turned out to be a surprisingly good attempt to film our live set. We had been approached by the director Adrian Maben, whose idea was to shoot us playing in the empty amphitheatre beneath Vesuvius,” he recalls.

“At a time when other rock films were either straight concert footage or attempts to copy The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night, the idea was appealing.

The elements that seemed to make it work – none of which we really thought about during the filming – were the decision to perform live instead of miming, and the rather gritty environment created by the heat and the wind.”

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